The Best RV Sewer Hoses Reviewed – Buyer’s Guide 2021

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The RV life can be truly a dream. However, there are also some parts of the experience that are a bit icky. And one of those experiences is having to empty the waste from the RV’s holding tank. That’s why it’s important to invest in a good sewer hose, which will each time provide reliable and successful waste removal. But what is the best RV sewer hose system in 2021? You’ll find the answer to this question in these RV sewer hose reviews and comparison where we’ve picked the top 10 best rated products this year.

Further down, you can also find a buying guide where we go over all the important factors that should go into choosing the best sewer hose for your recreational vehicle.

Top 10 Best RV Sewer Hoses

Image Product name Details Check price
sewer hose Camco 39742
  • 20 foot
  • 23 mil polyolefin
  • 4-in-1 adapter, transparent elbow, 4 storage caps
sewer hose with fittings Camco 39867
  • 20 foot
  • 24 mil thermoplastic elastomer
  • 4-in-1 adapter, transparent elbow, 6 storage caps
20 foot black water hose Valterra D04-0275
  • 20 foot
  • 23 mil
  • Transparent elbow, 4 storage caps
rv sewer dumping system Titan 17853
  • 15 foot
  • 26 mil
  • 5-in-1 adapter, transparent elbow, 2 storage caps
hose for rv black water system Camco 39658
  • 20 foot
  • 18 mil HTS vinyl
  • 4-in-1 adapter, transparent elbow, 4 storage caps
rv waste management system Lippert 359724
  • 20 foot
  • CAM lock connector
  • Transparent elbow
  • Integrated shut-off valve
rv sewer kit Camco Black 39551
  • 10 foot
  • 4-in-1 adapter, elbow
camper sewer hose Valterra D04-0115
  • 20 foot
  • 18 mil
  • Transparent elbow with universal connection
rv sewer kit Prest-O-Fit 1-0203
  • 20 foot
  • 15 mil
  • 4-in-1 adapter, elbow, 4 storage caps
waste water hose Thetford 17903
  • 20 foot
  • 5-in-1 adapter, elbow with handle, 4 storage caps

RV Sewer Hoses Reviewed

Camco RhinoFlex 39742

best rv sewer hoseThe best rated RV sewer hose kit in 2021 is the Camco RhinoFlex 39742 model. It’s the toughest and most practical sewer hose on the market that is a best seller for a reason.

For one, it’s the durable construction of the hose. The two included hoses are made of sturdy polyolefin and are reinforced with steel wire. This gives it a strong and durable construction that won’t be breaking any time soon.

Secondly, the collapsible 10-foot hose assembly allows you to use only as much hose length as you need. It easily bends and then the steel wire holds the shape. This eliminates the worry about excess length and makes it easier to use it. And if you only need 10 feet to the campground’s connection, you can use just one hose. Or if you need 20 feet, you can connect the two hoses together for more length.

When you’re finished using the sewer hose, it collapses to a more compact size. With the fittings on, each 10-foot hose will compress to 39 inches. And if you remove the 4 in 1 adapter and collapse the unit, you’ll be able to store it in 4 square inch bumpers.

In the package with the two sewer hoses, you also get a bayonet and lug swivel fittings, a transparent elbow, a 4 in 1 adapter, and storage caps. This makes it a ready-to-use kit with everything you’ll need available included in the box.

The included 4 in 1 adapter allows using this sewer hose with a variety of dump station pipes. It can fit 3 inch slips, as well as 3, 3.5, and 4 inch threaded dump station pipes.

In the kit, you also get a transparent elbow that fits between the hose and the adapter and the transparent part allows seeing when the tank is empty. Moreover, the included fittings have a swivel design with 4-prong bayonets. It makes attaching and securing them to any standard lug fitting easier and quicker. And finally, the kit also comes with 4 storage caps that fit on each of the sewer hoses.


  • Durable design.
  • Extendable up to 20 feet.
  • The steel wire retains the shape of the hose.
  • Collapsible for easy storage.
  • A transparent connector that allows to see when the tank is empty.
  • Easy to use swivel fittings.
  • 4 in 1 adapter for a variety of sewer connections.
  • Available as a complete kit.
  • Some users have commented that it doesn’t actually fit in a camper bumper.

Camco RhinoExtreme 39867

rv sewer hose reviewsCamco offers another great RV sewer hose. The RhinoExtreme’s main advantage is the crush resistant design. The construction of this sewer hose is built using Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) technology. It protects the hose against pinholes and overall impact. The hose is also reinforced with a polypropylene exoskeleton, which is a wire that goes on the outside of the hose and which offers superior abrasion resistance, improved compression, and which takes the brunt of wear and tear. This sturdy design ensures that even if you step on the hose, it won’t get crushed and will stay intact.

The RhinoExtreme is also a complete RV sewer hose kit that comes with everything you’ll need for its use. First of all, it includes two sewer hoses each measuring 10 feet long. So, you can either just use them separately or connect them for a combined 20 foot length.

Secondly, the kit also provides the swivel fittings that feature the same design as in the RhinoFlex model. The swivel design makes it easy to connect to your sewer outlet and the 4-prong part makes sure that the connection is secure.

Other features of this sewer hose include a translucent elbow, storage caps, and a 4 in 1 adapter. The last part allows connecting the sewer hose to various sizes of the campsite’s sewer connections.

In all, it’s a highly durable RV sewer hose, more so than the RhinoFlex model. However, it’s a bit more expensive and since it doesn’t collapse, it’s bulkier and so will take up more storage space.


  • TPE technology provides crush protection.
  • Exoskeleton provides abrasion resistance.
  • Offers 20 feet length.
  • Detachable easy-to-use fittings.
  • Translucent elbow.
  • Includes locking rings and end caps.
  • 4 in 1 adapter.
  • Not collapsible.
  • Doesn’t fit in a 4-inch bumper.
  • More expensive than other models.

Valterra Dominator D04-0275

best rv black water hoseIf you have a slightly higher budget, another great RV sewer hose option is the Valterra D04-0275. It’s a 20 foot sewer hose that is highly durable and which offers all the necessary fittings for its use.

The construction of this sewer hose is built using a highly durable material that is UV stabilized. It’s built using 23 mil thick polyolefin, which is a sturdy and tough material, providing a longer lasting service life of the hose, even in freezing temperatures.

The set includes two 10-foot sewer hoses. Depending on how far the dump station is from your sewer outlet, you can either just use one hose or connect the two for a full 20-foot length to the desired location.

This sewer hose kit also comes with pre-installed fittings that feature bayonet hooks that provide a leak-proof connection to the universal sewer outlet.

It’s also a collapsible unit. In the collapsed state, each hose measures just 39 inches, making it easier to store it away. And when extended, the hoses provided 10 feet length and they stay put, holding the shape that you need without retracting on their own.

In the kit, you also get a clear elbow connector, so you can see the liquid flowing from the sewer tank into the sewer and so that you can know when all the liquid has been emptied. This elbow connector also provides a gas-tight fit, eliminating the issue of odor. Moreover, this elbow also acts as an adapter, which can fit 6 different sewer types.


  • Durable 23 mil thick construction.
  • UV stabilized.
  • Adaptability from 10 feet to 20.
  • The hose holds shape.
  • Clear view elbow.
  • Gas tight connection.
  • Adapter that fits 6 sewer types.
  • Each hose is collapsible to 39 inches.
  • Includes 4 drip caps.
  • Includes pre-installed bayonet hooks.
  • More expensive.
  • Due to its design, it can be harder to rinse the hose.

Titan Thetford 17853

good camper sewer hoseThe Titan Thetford 17853 is also one of the best RV waste hoses. It’s durable, functional, and offers everything you’ll need for its use.

One of its main advantages is the durability of the construction. It features a rugged TPE construction that is uncrushable, even if you run it over with a car. This provides a longer lasting service life without any leaks. Moreover, the TPE technology provides puncture and abrasion resistance. And it also excels in extreme temperatures.

This is also a universal sewer hose that you can easily mount on any RV waste outlet with the use of a standard bayonet hookup. Moreover, the bayonet fitting features an extended grip, which makes handling the fitting easier.

It also includes an innovative 5 in 1 adapter that can fit with any dump station. The adapter also includes a convenient handle that makes it easier maneuvering and fitting the adapter into the dump station. And the 90-degree elbow isn’t completely see through, so you can’t see the nasty flowing through the hose but you can still see when the tank is drained.

This is a 15 foot sewer hose. However, this same model is also available as a 20 foot 2-hose design. In most cases, 15 foot should be enough. However, if you want to be sure that you always have enough length to reach the dump station, the 20 foot option might be better.


  • Universal bayonet mount.
  • Durable TPE hose.
  • Abrasion and puncture resistance.
  • Temperature proof.
  • 5 in 1 adapter with a handle.
  • Smell-proof connection.
  • Includes 2 end caps.
  • Thick and stiff, so it’s difficult to collapse it.
  • When collapsed, it’s not as compact as other models.

Camco 39658

good rv sewer hose systemThere’s one more Camco RV sewer hose that we’d like to recommend: the Camco 39658. It’s also a 20 foot sewer hose that offers great quality and features.

The kit includes two 10 foot sewer hoses. This gives you the option of just using one hose and keeping the other clean or connecting them together for a 20 foot assembly.

It’s a heavy duty sewer hose that is built using durable HTS vinyl. It provides durable construction for the hose, though it has a slightly thinner structure. In this model, the hose thickness is 18 mil, while on many other sewer hoses it’s 23 mil. Though it is a bit thinner in comparison to others, it is made of heavy-duty HTS material, which is durable.

On one end of the hoses, the kit features universal bayonet fittings that are equipped with prongs for more secure connections. And on the other, there are lug fittings that also connect to a clear elbow and a detachable 4 in 1 adapter. And to keep everything clean after you’ve finished draining the tank, the kit also provides 2 end caps.

The hoses compress when not in use. And by removing the adapter, you can easily collapse them into a compact unit that can fit in a 4 square inch bumper.


  • Two 20-foot assemblies.
  • Collapses to fit into a 4-inch square bumper.
  • Durable HTS vinyl construction.
  • Transparent elbow.
  • Secure bayonet fittings.
  • 4 in 1 adapter.
  • Includes 2 end caps.
  • The hose is a little stiff and doesn’t stretch to a full 20 foot length.

Lippert 359724 Waste Master

rv waste hoseIf you’re looking for a single-piece 20 foot sewer hose, then the best option is the Lippert Waste Master. It’s a heavy duty, accordion style RV sewer hose, which comes at a slightly higher price than other products.

The first thing we’d like to mention is the durability of the design. It features an innovative outer skeleton coil structure that provides a smooth flow of the waster and ensures that nothing gets trapped inside the hose. Moreover, the durability of the material used and technology provides a tough design that is UV stabilized, puncture resistant, and abrasion resistant.

Another advantage of this RV sewer hose is the use of a CAM lock connector that has been time-tested and proven reliable in the liquid transportation industry. This connector design provides a strong, reliable seal with the sewer outlet and ensures leak-proof waste drainage.

Unlike the other sewer hoses we’ve reviewed above, this model comes as a one 20-foot unit. It compresses to 5 feet for easy storage but when extended, it retains its shape and keeps it at the exact length required.

One more great feature of this sewer hose is the permanently connected nozzle. It features a user-friendly design with a convenient handle for easy use and a clear view port, so that you can know when the tank is clean. Moreover, the 90-degree angle of the nozzle and the tapered rubber ring makes it easy to fit and secure into any sewage inlet.

And when you’re done draining your sewage tank, the integrated shutoff valve inside the nozzle ensures total closure, so nothing leaks out.


  • One-piece design.
  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Doesn’t trap waste.
  • Puncture resistant.
  • UV protected.
  • User friendly nozzle.
  • Clear view port.
  • Reliable, leak-proof seal.
  • Compresses to 5 feet.
  • Expensive.
  • Bulky.

Camco 39551

extendable rv sewer hose kitIf you’re looking for a shorter and the most affordable RV sewer hose, then we recommend checking out this Camco 39551 10 foot hose. It’s a complete sewer kit that comes with everything required for a quick and reliable hookup to an RV.

In this complete sewer hose kit, you get the hose itself, a standard bayonet fitting, a sewer elbow, and a 4 in 1 adapter. So, everything comes ready for a quick and reliable hookup, without any extra tools required.

The construction of this RV black water hose features 3 layers of vinyl, giving a total of 0.012” thickness. This provides resistance to abrasion and puncture, ensuring a longer service life.

It’s also a collapsible sewer hose. And with the connections attached, it collapses to 30 inches. This might not be small enough to fit into a 4-inch square bumper but it’s still compact enough for easy storage.

The kit also includes an elbow that can also be easily removed and put back on by simply twisting it on and off. And it’s not completely see-through but it still allows to see if the tank is emptied.


  • Includes everything required for the hookup.
  • Durable hose design.
  • Collapses to 30 inches.
  • Includes a 4 in 1 adapter.
  • Non-restrictive design for faster dumping.
  • Easy slip sewer hose fittings.
  • Inexpensive.
  • 10 feet might be too short for some situations.
  • The hose is thinner than other models.

Valterra D04-0115

rv black water disposal systemThis is yet one more Valterra RV sewer hose that doesn’t disappoint. It’s a 20 foot hose kit that allows for secure, mess-free sewer tank drainage.

This kit features 2 hoses each 10 feet long. They are collapsible, so they extend from a collapsed 25 inches to extended 10 feet.

The hose comes with all the fittings pre-installed. Though, you can remove the 4 in 1 adapter and the transparent elbow. The bayonet connection is not removable and is, instead, securely connected to the hose. It also provides a secure connection to the sewer outlet, providing reliable, leak-proof performance.

Moreover, the bayonet connection features a rotating design, so when you attach it to the sewer outlet, it doesn’t twist the hose with it. Instead, it keeps the hose straight.

As for the construction of this sewer hose, it’s made using high quality materials that provide a UV stabilized, tough design. It also features 18 mil thickness, which is on the lower end. Some of the best camper sewer hoses that we’ve mentioned above are as thick as 23 mil.


  • Includes 2 10 feet hoses.
  • Collapsible to 25 inches.
  • Available as a complete kit.
  • Durable construction.
  • UV stabilized.
  • Clear adapter.
  • Fittings rotate to prevent kinks.
  • It’s a bit thinner than other sewer hose models.
  • They don’t hold shape when extended.

Prest-O-Fit 1-0203

top rated rv sewer hoseThe Prest-O-Fit 1-0203 is also a high quality RV sewer hose system that offers 20 feet in length and all the fittings for a secure hookup.

Similar to other 20 foot sewer hose, this system also consists of two separate hoses 10 feet each. You can either use them separately or connect them for maximum length.

It comes with a universal elbow with a size that fits most campsite sewer openings. The downside of this elbow is that it’s not transparent, so you won’t be able to see when the tank is drained and cleaned.

In the kit, there are also four bayonet hooks that feature the standard connection and an X-ring seal that ensures a secure and leak-free connection to the waste outlet.

And for when you have finished draining your waste tank and using the sewer hose, the kit provides four air-tight seals. These cover both the fittings and hoses, eliminating odor and leakage.


  • Extends to 20 feet.
  • Universal elbow.
  • Reliable bayonet hooks.
  • X-ring seal for leak-free performance.
  • Pushover quick connectors.
  • End caps.
  • The elbow is not transparent.
  • Not very thick hose material.

Thetford Titan 17903

rv sewer hose kit recommendationsOur last recommendation for the best RV black water hose in 2021 is the Thetford Titan 17903. It’s a similar model to the Thetford Titan 17853. The main difference is in the length, with the 17903 offers 20 feet. So, it’s 5 feet longer than the 17853.

As for other features, the 17903 has the same durable design. It’s built using TPE technology, which provides puncture, abrasion, and temperature resistance. Due to this, the sewer hose is uncrushable, keeping its shape even if you run it over with a car.

It also comes with the same elbow design that features an ergonomic handle. This is what makes both Thetford sewer hoses stand out from the rest. The handle makes it easier to connect the hose to any dump station.

Another feature that makes this sewer hose stand out is the extended grip on the bayonet, which also makes it more ergonomic and easier to use.


  • 20 feet in length.
  • Durable TPE construction.
  • Ergonomic handle on the elbow.
  • 5 in 1 adapter.
  • Extended grip on the bayonet.
  • The elbow is not clear.
  • Does not collapse into a compact unit.

What Is a Sewer Hose? How Does It work?

A sewer hose is a fixture that is used to drain the waste out of your vehicle’s waste tank and dump it into a sewer system. It works as a pipe system connecting the waste tank and a sewer system. It’s a vital piece of equipment for any RV since it helps to remove the waste material and clean out the dirty water out of your vehicle.

Each time you need to flush out the waste from your RV’s waste tank, you need to connect the sewer hose with one end to the sewer outlet and the other end to the park’s sewer system. This eliminates the need to dispose of the waste manually. And it also makes the whole process of getting rid of waste more clean and hygienic. Just make sure that you choose a high quality sewer hose that will ensure leak-proof and odor-free waste removal.

Benefits of RV Sewer Hoses

  1. Easy waste removal. If you’ve only lived in a traditional home, you’ve probably never had to think about removing waste, except for the kitchen and bathroom garbage bags. However, most RVs and mobile homes have to store the waste inside a waste tank and this solid and liquid waste has to be disposed of later manually. Without a sewer hose, this task would be dirty and messy. And honestly just really disgusting. A good RV sewer hose allows transferring the waste to an external sewer system mess-free.
  2. Ensures hygiene. If you allow dirty water and waste to sit around too long inside the waste tank, it will not only start to smell really bad but will also encourage bacterial and mold growth. This can seriously damage the plumbing system of your RV. And over time, it can make it irreparable and your RV unlivable. That’s why it’s important to frequently flush out and clean your waste tank and having an RV sewer hose will make this task a lot easier.
  3. Odor prevention. A waste tank that hasn’t been emptied in a long time is bound to start producing an unpleasant odor. With time, it will also start invading your living space and cling to everything around you. This will create a space that is unlivable. To avoid this, use an RV sewer hose for regular emptying of the holding tank.

Types of RV Sewer Hoses

RV sewer hoses are mostly categorized based on their length. So, when buying a new sewer hose, this should be one of the main considerations since you need enough length to connect your sewer outlet and the park’s sewer system.

Another categorization of the types of RV sewer hoses is based on if they are collapsible or not. The collapsible type offers more convenience as it can compact into a much smaller unit for easier storage. And when in use, you can extend the hose to the length you need and it will retain this shape as you flush out your waste tank.

How to Choose the Best RV Sewer Hose? – Buying Guide

Having a list of the 10 best RV sewer hoses should make the task of choosing the right product a lot easier. However, you still have to choose just one out of the 10. So, how do you choose a sewer hose that is the most suitable one for you? If you want to learn what exactly to look out for in order to choose a good camper sewer hose, keep reading this buying guide. Here, we’ll look into some of the factors that are essential to buying a high quality kit.


To start with, you need to determine how much sewer hose length you need. You should have enough length to comfortably connect your RV’s waste tank to an external sewer system. It should be long enough, so it’s not stretched out when it’s connected.

The ideal range is 15 to 20 feet. This would give you enough length, even if you need to reach a sewer system that is far away. And a longer sewer hose also means that you don’t have to park right next to the sewer, allowing to put some distance between the camper and the sewer system.

Some RV owners prefer having a varied length. There are kits that offer 10-15 feet hoses with an extension as an extra. If you’re nervous that you won’t have enough length, it might be better to opt for a longer sewer hose.

Moreover, most 20 feet sewer hoses come as two hoses 10 feet each. With this setup, you can have the option of just using one 10 feet hose for situations when you don’t need to reach far or if the dump station is far away, you can connect the hoses and get the maximum reach.


Thickness is another important factor that determines the quality of an RV sewer hose. And you want to choose a hose that has thicker walls, especially if you’ll be a heavy user. The ideal thickness is 23 mil but if you’re a frequent RVer, you might want something even thicker. A good thickness will ensure the sturdiness of the sewer hose and a longer lifespan with a crack-free and leak-free performance.


Another thing to consider is the diameter of a sewer hose. It should be big enough to provide consistent and quick passage of the waste from your RV’s waste tank. A sewer hose with a high flow rate will make sure that this not very enjoyable experience of emptying your waste tank passes as quickly as possible. And not only that, it will also ensure that none of the waste gets clogged in the hose, creating a messy situation. Instead, it will provide a consistent continuous flow.

Focus on sewer hoses that are at least 4×4 inches in diameter. This size can produce a good flow and with it, you’ll have less risk of experiencing a blockage.


You also want to choose an RV sewer hose that is flexible. It should be able to withstand pulling and stretching without tearing or breaking. A flexible hose is also easier to handle, so you can easily extend it to reach from the sewer outlet to the dump station.

Tank Outlet Compatibility

All newer RV models come with standardized waste tank outlets and most of the RV sewer hoses come with fittings designed for this size. However, some older rigs can have other sizes. If this is your case, choosing a sewer hose that has a fitting that is compatible with the size of your waste tank outlet should be your top priority.

Ease of Use

If you’ll be frequently using your RV sewer hose, select one that is easy to set up and operate. A good sewer hose should come with fittings that will allow quick connection to the waste tank and the sewer system. The hose should also be easy to extend and when extended, it should hold the lengthened shape without automatically collapsing.

A few other features can also make using an RV sewer hose a less tedious task. One of those features is a transparent elbow. It will allow you to see if the tank has been fully emptied. Also, when you’re cleaning the tank, you’ll be able to see when the water becomes clear.


When buying a new RV sewer hose, also consider where’ll you store it. Some trailers and campers have a bumper storage that has an opening of 4 square inches. A collapsible sewer hose with detachable fittings would usually be able to fit into such bumper, taking up a lot less space than a unit that doesn’t collapse.

Measure your available storage space and then look for a hose that would be able to fit into that space. And a collapsible hose is always a good option since it will also make it easier to move it around and hookup but these units do usually cost a bit higher.

Included Accessories

When buying a new sewer hose, check also if the product comes with all the accessories included in the kit. This would allow hookup and use of the system right out of the box, without having to look for any extra parts.

Except for the hose itself, make sure that the kit includes:

  1. Bayonet fittings that attach to the RV’s waste tank outlet.
  2. An adapter that would allow connecting to sewer systems of different sizes.
  3. A transparent elbow that would allow keeping an eye for when the tank finished flushing out the waste.
  4. End caps for keeping everything clean and tidy after you’ve finished draining the waste tank.


You should also consider the price of the RV sewer hose. This is not a product you want to skimp on. A cheaper hose would usually mean that it’s built from lower quality components and this will affect the durability of the product. And a hose that breaks and leaks in the middle of waste removal can be a real disaster that anyone would rather avoid.

The ideal price range for a good quality sewer hose is $50 to $100. Most of the products we’ve mentioned in these RV sewer hose reviews come in this price range.

Top RV Sewer Hose Brands

  1. Camco. This is a U.S. based brand that offers specialized products in the RV and mobile home niche. They also have a good line of RV sewer hose, with many of their products ranking the best on the market.
  2. Lippert. It’s also a well known brand in the RV industry. The focus exclusively on RV products and their accessories. Though they are based in the U.S., they also sell worldwide. And their RV sewer hose product line offers some of the best quality and the most user-friendly features.
  3. Valterra. This is another brand that focuses mainly on RV accessories and parts. Except for great RV sewer hoses, they also make plenty of other good quality RV essentials tools, such as water pressure regulators and others.

RV Sewer Hose Tips

Routinely check the state of your sewer hose. Look for any cracks or punctures all along the hose, as well as at the connections and joints. Such routine inspections can save you from dealing with a really nasty situation.

Opt for a sewer hose that comes with a clear elbow connection. Seeing the waste flowing through might not be pleasant but it is helpful in being to visually know when you’ve successfully drained the tank.

RV Sewer Hose FAQ

What size RV sewer hose do I need?

RV sewer hoses are available in the following sizes: 10,15 and 20 feet. However, if that’s not enough, you can also purchase an extension for extra length. But how long of a sewer hose do you actually need?

Typically, it’s best to get at least the length from your RV’s sewer outlet to the rear of your vehicle. And also add a few extra feet for good measure. Some RV parks have sewer dump stations at the rear of the site, so it requires a longer distance to reach it.

Usually, it’s good to have a bit of extra length. You might not always need it but there’ll be the occasional times when you’ll be happy that you’ve opted for a longer hose. That’s why it’s also a good idea to invest in a 20 foot hose that comes in two separate sections. This would allow you to use just the amount of hose that you need to reach the particular sewer system you’re dumping your waste into.

What RV sewer hose accessories do I need?

We recommend investing in a few extra accessories that would make this tedious task easier and a bit less unpleasant. Here’s a list of things you should look into getting along with your sewer hose kit.

  1. Latex gloves. You don’t want your bare hands to come into contact with the waste. That’s why you should get some protective latex gloves, which will help to keep things as sanitary as possible. You could also use plastic gloves but latex ones are better. Make sure to choose gloves that are thick and strong enough, so they wouldn’t tear and break mid-use.
  2. Sewer hose supports. These supports will help to keep the hose positioned in place, making the waste disposal process easier. And also preventing any damage happening from someone knocking it over. The supports also help keep the hose above ground, protecting it from potential damage done from it getting scraped over the ground. Moreover, they allow adding some height to the hose as it gets nearer the sewage system. This provides a smoother flow of the waste and prevents backup.
  3. Clear sewer hose adapter. You might prefer not to see the waste coming out of your black tank but having a clear sewer hose adapter can really be an advantage. It will help you see that the tank has been emptied and that it is clean. This tool can help take out the guesswork out of the waste removal process. You’ll be sure when the tank is clean and when the hose is ready to be disconnected.
  4. End caps. These are the caps that go on the ends of the RV sewer. Their purpose is to prevent a mess after you’ve finished draining your waste tank.
  5. Flushing hose. In addition to the sewer hose, you’ll also need a flushing hose that you will use to rinse out the sewer hose or the tank after you’ve finished waste removal. Get a hose that you will use exclusively for this purpose and not for anything else. It can be a garden hose or some other variety.
  6. Macerators. This part is not essential but it can be useful to have it for cases drain your tank when there is no sewer system around. A macerator basically works like a garbage disposal unit. It crushes the solid waste into the slurry matter, which will make it easier to dispose of it.

How to hook up and use an RV sewer hose?

With most RV sewer hoses, connecting the camper to the sewage system is a fairly easy process. And when following the right steps, it doesn’t have to be messy or time-consuming. So, here’s a step-by-step process on how to use an RV sewer hose.

  1. Start by getting disposable gloves to protect your hands from gross waste. Getting your hands in contact with raw sewage can be a real health hazard. That’s why do yourself a favor and get yourself protective gloves and use them every time you use the hose.
  2. Make sure that all the valves on the sewer hose are closed.
  3. Use the bayonet-style fitting on one end of the sewer hose to connect to your RV’s waste outlet fitting.
  4. Extend the sewer hose to the park’s dump station inlet. And on this end of the hose, make sure that the elbow and the adapter are fitted snugly into the dump station’s inlet.
  5. Open the black tank hose valve first. Depending on how full your tank is, there’ll be a good surge of pressure as the waste will start moving through the hose and out into the dump station. By checking the elbow, you’ll be able to see if the tank is completely drained. Once that is done, close the valve.
  6. Next, drain the grey tank. Allow it to fully drain as well and then close the valve.
  7. Once both the black and grey tank valves are closed, you can disconnect the sewer hose and close the waste outlet with a cap.
  8. While keeping the hose still connected to the dump station, rinse down inside of it.
  9. Once everything is clean, stow the sewer hose away for storage.

What is the average lifespan of an RV sewer hose?

The average lifespan of a sewer hose can vary greatly depending on the quality of the hose and how frequently you use it. It also depends on maintenance and care that it receives during its usage. However, a typical sewer hose will last about two to three years before starting to show wear and tear and needing a replacement. So, they don’t last very long. And if you see any punctures or other damage on the sewer hose, it’s better to replace it at once since it can create a lot of hassle dealing with the leakage mess.

How often should I dump my holding tanks?

The frequency depends on how many people you’re traveling with and on how often you have to go. For example, if you’re traveling alone and you also spend a lot of time outside of your RV, you might be able to last a week without having to empty the tanks. On the other hand, if you’re a big family, you might need to empty the tanks every other day or so.

At the very least, dump and empty your tanks after each RV trip, so you’re not storing waste.

How to clean an RV sewer hose?

It’s important to regularly clean your RV sewer hose in order to protect from it becoming a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Before flushing out the hose itself, also make sure that the tank is clean. A dirty tank can contaminate an already cleaned hose. So, first, flush out the tank and then the hose. And you can also use different enzyme treatments to completely clean the insides of the sewer hose.

How should I store my RV sewer hose?

The easiest way to store a collapsible sewer hose is in the storage bumper. However, before storing it away, make sure that it’s clean and completely dry. And try to keep it in a separate storage compartment and keep it away from your drinking water hose. This will keep everything more hygienic and will prevent cross-contamination.

How to shorten an RV sewer hose?

If you’ve bought an RV sewer hose that is too long, which makes using it a bit of a hassle, you can shorten it. It is possible but not on all models. Or on some models, it’s just too complicated. So, it’s better to get a sewer hose with the right length from the beginning. Or purchase two 10 feet sewer hoses, which would allow you to have a shorter and a longer option.

However, if you do decide that you want to shorten your RV sewer hose, trim it down to your desired length, get rid of the cut part, and then use some solvent to connect the shortened hose with the other end.

Another way is to cut a section in the middle and then use a couple and some solvent in order to secure the two ends together.

Camco Revolution vs Rhinoflex

Camco is one of the most known names on the RV sewer hose market. And two of the hoses that stand in their line of products is Revolution and Rhinoflex. But what’s the difference between these two?

Both of these RV sewer hoses are made of tough durable materials. However, while Revolution is more rigid and longer lasting, Rhinoflex is more flexible. So, Camco Revolution is more rugged but it’s also more expensive.

How to keep an RV sewer hose from freezing?

One of the biggest challenges of RVing in winter is protecting the equipment from freezing temperatures. And that also applies to protecting the RV sewer hose. They don’t handle cold weather very well. In low temperatures, the plastic can crack, and then the hose is done. That’s why it’s important to take precautionary measures.

The best way to keep an RV sewer hose from freezing is by insulating it. Start by measuring the length of your sewer hose to understand how much insulation you’ll need. Or you can just look at the sewer hose’s packaging to determine how long it is. Then, buy insulation tubes to match the length of your hose, which you can usually find at a local hardware store. Some tubes are self-adhesive, securing themselves to the hose. But if the ones you buy aren’t, you’ll need to use duct tape to hold them in place.

You can also get a heat tape, which acts as a thermostat and heating element. They control the temperature of the hose and if it gets too cold, they heat it up. You can add this heat tape before you apply insulation.

Final Words

By getting the best RV sewer hose, you’ll make the process of dumping your waste much easier. It’ll make your RV trips more enjoyable and hassle-free. Think about the factors we’ve mentioned in our buying guide and do some research by checking out the options in RV sewer hose reviews. By comparing the top rated products and knowing what exactly to look for in a high quality RV sewer hose, you’ll be able to choose the perfect product for your needs.

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