Best RV Covers 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

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An RV is probably one of your most prized possessions. That’s why it’s important to give it as much protection as possible so it can last for a longer time. And since most of us don’t have a garage large enough to store an RV for off-season storage, another popular way to keep it protected is with the use of covers. These RV covers will shield your rig from harsh outdoor elements whether you leave it in the summer heat or the winter cold. And in this article, we’ll be talking about the best RV covers available on the market in 2021. Below the RV cover reviews, we’ll also walk you through everything you need to know about them, whether you’re looking to protect your camper, travel trailer, motorhome, or 5th wheel.

Best RV Covers in 2021

Image Product name Details Check price
travel trailer cover Classic Accessories OverDrive PermaPro
  • Sizes: 15' - 40'
  • PermaPRO ripstop fabric
windproof rv cover Leader Accessories 90101001
  • Sizes: 14' - 38'
  • 4-ply top/110g non-woven side fabric
anti uv rv cover King Bird Trailer Cover
  • Sizes: 18' - 33'
  • 4-ply top/3-ply sides non-woven fabric
high quality travel trailer cover Classic Accessories 73163
  • Sizes: 18' - 20'
  • 3-ply PolyPro3 top/1-ply PolyPro sides
waterproof rv cover AmazonBasics Trailer Cover
  • Sizes: 18' - 33'
  • 3-ply top/1-ply sides
r-pod cover Classic Accessories PermaPro 80-257-171001
  • Sizes: up to 17'7"
  • PermaPRO ripstop fabric
protective 5th wheel cover King Bird ML-A12
  • Sizes: 26' - 41'
  • 5-ply top/3-ply sides non-woven fabric
windproof travel trailer cover RVMasking Travel Trailer Cover
  • Sizes: 26'1" - 34'
  • 300D Oxford top/210D Oxford sides
class a rv cover King Bird CT-A92
  • Sizes: 30' - 43'
  • 5-ply top/3-ply sides non-woven fabric
class c motorhome cover ADCO 34815
  • Sizes: 29'1" - 32'
  • Tyvek top/polypropylene sides

Top 10 RV Covers Reviewed

Classic Accessories OverDrive PermaPro

best rv cover for snowClassic Accessories makes it to our top 10 list with another heavy duty RV cover. The PermaPro is more expensive than the PolyPro 3 but it does offer upgraded protection.

First off, this cover is also designed for travel trailers. And there are also plenty of size options, ranging from 20 to 40 feet long.

On top of that, this travel trailer cover is made of ripstop material. It not only provides protection against outdoor elements, such as sun, rain, dirt, and snow but also ensures that the cover itself doesn’t get ripped in the wind. It provides extra strength and maximum protection.

Similar to the previously mentioned RV cover, this one also comes with an integrated venting system. There are air vents on both sides of the cover that help to reduce wind stress and prevent interior moisture.

For easy installation, it’s built with an undercarriage strap system. It also comes with a small pouch that you can use to throw the straps under the trailer, eliminating the need for crawling on the ground.

The straps are adjustable if you need to get a tighter fit. Moreover, you can adjust the cover by using the front and rear panels.

The ripstop material is also lightweight and compact. It makes it a lot easier rolling up and storing the RV cover when it’s not in use. And with this cover, you also get a storage bag, which allows conveniently storing it away in a small space.

There are also lots of zippers providing easy access to all the doors and storage compartments. It also includes extra long cords attached to the zippers, so you can easily reach them when you want to close them down.


  • For travel trailers 20 to 40 feet long.
  • Ripstop material.
  • Air circulation system.
  • Undercarriage strap system.
  • Adjustable front and rear panels.
  • Zippered panels.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Convenient storage bag.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Expensive.
  • Some had issues with defective zippers.

Leader Accessories 90101001

rv cover reviewsThe next pick in our top rated RV covers list is the Leader Accessories model. It’s a more affordable option, though it does also offer plenty of useful features.

The cover offers plenty of size options for trailers as small as 14 feet and as long as 38 feet. There are also different color options, which include grey, green, beige, and blue. So, you can choose a color according to your preference.

The cover is made with thick and durable material. It features 3 layers of non-woven fabric and additionally, it’s coated with a layer of anti-UV coating. So, you get an all around protection against different outdoor elements, making it one of the best RV covers for winter. It protects against snow, dirt, rain, sun, bird droppings, etc. All this helps to prevent premature aging of your RV and helps to maintain it in a good condition.

This RV cover also helps to prevent mildew. First of all, the material is breathable. And secondly, the design features several air vents that help to evaporate any accumulated moisture.

An elasticized hem provides a secure fit. Moreover, there are a few ways that you can adjust this travel trailer cover in order to get a customized fit. First, you can use the straps that go under the trailer. And they include a toss bag system so you can easily get them to the other side without having to crawl under the trailer. Secondly, you can use the tension panels on the front and rear in order to remove any slack.

There are also multiple zippered panels, which make it easy accessing the RV’s doors and engine areas. They also include Velcro straps that hold down the zippers so they don’t unzip in the wind.


  • For trailers between 14 and 38 feet long.
  • Color options.
  • Durable 3 layers ripstop fabric.
  • Anti-UV coating.
  • Adjustable tension panels.
  • Strap attachments.
  • Zippered doors.
  • Includes ladder cap and storage bag.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Shorter warranty compared to other brands.

King Bird Trailer Cover

top rated rv coverThe King Bird model also makes one of the best travel trailer covers for winter and summer. It effectively provides protection against the winter’s snow, dirt, and rain, as well as the summer’s excessive sun.

You can buy this RV cover for a variety of travel trailer sizes. It’s available in a range from 18 to 33 feet.

It’s made of 4-ply and 3-ply non-woven fabric. So, it’s not as thick as 5-ply covers, but it’s still thick enough to provide great damage protection and tear resistance.

The cover is also waterproof, so it will keep all the liquids from coming into contact with the RV’s surface. There are also 6 vents on the sides of the cover, so if there’s condensation or any moisture that gets trapped inside the cover, the air circulation will make it quickly dry.

The design of this RV cover also includes features for windproofing. With the reinforced straps at the bottom of the cover, you can make sure that the cover fits tightly around your trailer. This would prevent the fabric from flapping in the wind, which could potentially cause it to rip.

With this cover installed, you can easily access your RV doors. It features zippered panels that you can unzip and rollup for easy entry inside the RV.

Moreover, this cover is also designed with yellow reflective strips on both front and rear sides. This feature is beneficial for when you’re parked at night.


  • For trailer sizes 18 to 33 feet.
  • 5-ply material.
  • Waterproof.
  • Scratch and tear resistant.
  • 6 air vents.
  • Reinforced straps.
  • Rollable zippered doors.
  • Includes a convenient storage bag.
  • Adhesive patch.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Slightly shorter warranty compared to other brands.
  • The straps’ connection to the cover is not very secure.

Classic Accessories 73163 OverDrive PolyPro3

best rv covers for snow and sunOne of the best travel trailer covers for snow, heat, or any other weather is the Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro 3. It’s a high quality cover that will keep your vehicle dry and protected even if it’s snowing or raining heavily outside.

This RV cover is designed for travel trailers and toy haulers. And there are various sizes that you can choose from, so it can fit a variety of trailers from 15 to 40 feet long. As for the height, for all sizes, it measures 118 inches high from ground to roof.

One of the things that make this product an excellent choice for an RV cover is the durable construction that provides all-around protection for all seasons.

The cover features a triple-ply non-woven polypropylene on the top and single-ply on the sides, which provides maximum weather protection. It protects against the sun, rain, snow, dust, dirt, and scratches.

On top of that, this travel trailer cover is also designed with a good venting system. Its function is to reduce the buildup of inside moisture and wind stress.

Another great thing about this RV cover is how easy it is to use it. It’s designed with an integrated rope attachment and a toss bag, so you don’t need to crawl under your vehicle to set it up.

And when installing it, you can get a custom fit for your trailer by adjusting the front and rear panels. By achieving a secure fit, you will be able to minimize the potential damage caused by the material flapping in the wind.

For easy access to all the entry points of your RV, this cover also offers zippered panels. So, no more hassle trying to get in when the trailer is wrapped up for storage.

In all, this travel trailer cover is perfect for wetter climates, preventing mold and mildew growth in your trailer.


  • Options travel trailers from 15 to 40 feet long.
  • Triple-ply polypropylene.
  • Air vent system.
  • Adjustable front and rear panels.
  • Zippered panels for doors.
  • Stuff sack for storage.
  • Easy to use.
  • 3 year warranty.
  • Some issues with the cover tearing in high winds. However, the trick is to cover every sharp spot on the trailer before putting it on the cover.

AmazonBasics Trailer RV Cover

high quality travel trailer cover for snowThis AmazonBasics is also a good RV cover recommendation. It’s a great RV cover for snow and sun as it’s both waterproof and UV-resistant.

This is a suitable RV cover for those that have travel trailers between 18 and 33 feet. There are different size options, so you can choose one that would provide the perfect fit.

It’s thinner than other covers on this list, which might impact its durability. It features 3-ply on top and 1-ply on the sides. So, it might not be as durable as other RV covers we have mentioned, but it still provides good protection and is still a good RV cover for the money.

The design of the cover provides good air circulation and quick drying. First of all, the 1-ply sides are breathable and due to their thinness, they dry fast. And secondly, the air vents on the sides ensure that no moisture gets trapped under the cover.

By using the different adjustments of the cover, you can get the perfect fit for your particular travel trailer. First, the elasticized hem corners hug around the corners of your RV. Then, you can adjust the tension panels. And lastly, you can tighten the connected straps and buckles.

The cover slips on quickly and easily. And it removes just as easily. When it’s not in use, you can also conveniently pack it into the provided storage bag.


  • Wide range of sizes.
  • Provides good protection against weather elements.
  • Provides air circulation.
  • Adjustable system.
  • Zippered access.
  • Easy to put.
  • Includes a storage bag.
  • Offers only a 1 year warranty.
  • Thin material.

Classic Accessories PermaPro 80-257-171001 – R-Pod Cover

top rated rv covers on the marketIf you have an R-Pod travel trailer, one of the best RV covers on the market is the Classic Accessories PermaPro. It’s specifically designed for R-Pod models RP-179/180/189/190.

One of the advantages of this high quality RV cover is its durability. It’s made using ripstop fabric that strong yet at the same time lightweight. The ripstop fabric ensures extra strength for protection against outdoor elements. And its lightweight design makes it easy to handle it when slipping it on the RV or removing it.

The air vent system ensures that there’ll be no mildew growing under the cover. It provides air circulation for quick drying of any moisture.

The cover is made for easy use, allowing simple adjustments that allow you to make sure that it perfectly fits your RV. Similar to other RV cover models, there’s an undercarriage strap system. It includes a toss bag system, which makes it easier to get the straps connected without having to crawl under the trailer.

One of the downsides of this RV cover is that it doesn’t have front and rear tension panels. So, the adjustments are limited to the undercarriage straps.

Lastly, convenient zippers offer access to all the entry points of your trailer. When you need access, you can unzip the door and roll it up, so it stays out of the way. And when you want to close it, the extra long zipper pulls make it easy to reach it without having to use a ladder.


  • Perfect for R-Pod trailers.
  • Ripstop fabric.
  • Air vents on sides.
  • Undercarriage straps.
  • Zippered doors.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Includes a storage bag.
  • No front and rear tension panels.
  • Some durability issues.

King Bird ML-A12 5th Wheel Cover

good 5th wheel rv coverIf you’re looking for the best 5th wheel cover, then we recommend checking out the King Bird ML-A12 model. This cover is designed specifically for 5th wheels and it comes in four size options ranging from 26 to 41 feet.

It’s made of durable non-woven fabric with a 5-ply top and 3-ply sides. For extra strength, it uses an upgraded material. This ensures that the cover stays tearproof, even in high winds. The material also provides good protection against various weather elements, making the RV anti-aging and extending its service life.

With the combination of the breathable material and included air vents, the cover is also mildew resistant. It promotes air circulation, preventing any moisture from accumulating and leading to mildew.

For windproofing and securing the cover, it features multiple straps and buckles that are located at the bottom. Moreover, the hem corners are elasticized, so the cover sits securely over the 5th wheel. And to make the fit custom so that it perfectly wraps around your trailer, you can adjust the cover using both the built in straps and the included 2 extra straps. All this will keep your 5th wheel cover from blowing off in high winds.

The cover is also fairly easy to install. First, when positioning it, it offers convenient thick handles on the roof panel. And secondly, when tying it down, the straps come with a weighted toss bag system that makes it easier to connect the straps.

Additionally, this 5th wheel cover comes with an adhesive repair kit. And it comes in a generous size, so if you experience any rips in the cover at some point, you can use this kit to patch it up. Moreover, the cover comes with 4 tires, so you get a full kit to keep your 5th wheel protected.


  • Sizes 26 to 41 feet.
  • 5-ply fabric.
  • Soft inner lining.
  • Plenty of tie down straps.
  • 2 additional extra long straps.
  • Zippered doors.
  • Air vents.
  • Adhesive repair patch.
  • Includes 4 tire covers and a storage bag.
  • 3 year warranty.
  • Expensive.

RVMasking Travel Trailer Cover

good rv cover for the moneyAnother popular RV cover brand is RVMasking and one of their best selling camper covers is this model. It provides reliable protection against dirt and moisture buildup. And it prevents the potential damage from excessive UV exposure or wind.

The cover can fit a variety of travel trailers. You can choose size options from 26’1″ to 34′. And one of the great things about this RV cover is that it comes with a few additional accessories. It includes 6 gutter covers that you can use to avoid sharp edges of the RV poking or tearing the cover. Moreover, the package also includes an adhesive repair patch, a tongue jack cover, 4 tire covers, and a storage bag.

This high quality travel trailer cover is also made for durability. It’s made of upgraded 300D oxford fabric. The material is thick and feels very sturdy. It offers water resistance and good protection against exposure to the sun. Moreover, the front and rear parts of the cover feature two layers, offering reinforced protection where it’s needed most.

Another great feature of this RV cover is the air circulation system. It’s designed with breathable air vents on the sides of the cover, which reduces wind stress and allows maximum evaporation of any moisture that might accumulate under the cover. And with this important feature, you will be able to prevent mildew.

As for adjustability, the RV cover includes integrated strap attachments. They also come with a weighted toss bag, which eliminates the need to crawl under the RV. On top of that, the included straps feature a windproof ribbon design that helps to extend the life of the straps by preventing premature weathered aging.

You can also adjust the fit by using the front and rear panels. Moreover, the hem corners are elasticized, which ensures that the cover stays on and doesn’t get blown away by the wind. And to get an even better fit, the cover provides 2 additional straps that you can use to wrap around your travel trailer.

The design also features three zippered doors that give easy access inside the RV and to the engine area. These zippers are also made of high quality and they come with velcro straps that hold the zippers down so they don’t come undone.

Lastly, this RV cover comes in a design that makes it very easy to install. It’s made with four roof panel handles that make it easier to position the cover. Moreover, with the weighted straps, you can easily adjust it without doing any crawling.


  • Fits trailers 26’1″ to 34″.
  • Thick 300D oxford material.
  • Reinforced front and rear parts.
  • Air vents.
  • Straps with a toss bag system.
  • Adjustable front and rear panels.
  • Elasticized hem corners.
  • Zippered doors.
  • Reflective stripes in front and rear.
  • Comes with plenty of accessories.
  • Includes 4 tire covers.
  • 3 year warranty.
  • The cover includes gutter sleeves but it still might be better to use foam tubing since it will provide better padding.

King Bird CT-A92 – Class A Motorhome Cover

recommended rv cover for class a motorhomeAs for a good motorhome cover, the top recommendation comes from the King Bird brand. It comes with the same quality standard as the above mentioned King Bird travel trailer model.

This Class A RV cover is available in several size options from 30 to 43 feet, which should be able to accommodate most motorhome sizes. With this RV cover, you also get a few accessories, such as 2 extra straps, 4 universal size tire covers, and a convenient storage bag. It also comes with an adhesive repair patch, so if you’ll encounter a small rip down the road, you’ll be ready to patch it up.

The cover is also made for long service life. Its strength and durability are provided by the 5-ply top and 3-ply side non-woven fabric. On the inside, the cover features soft fabric lining. It also provides protection and ensures that the RV stays scratch-free. The cover uses an upgraded material that offers good strength and tear proofing. Moreover, it features a breathable membrane with unique fabric pores, so the cover is both breathable and waterproof.

The cover is also designed for windproofing with a few features that help to keep it secure. First of all, the reinforced elasticized hem corners ensure that the cover tightly hugs around the motorhome. Secondly, there are multiple straps that you can connect under the RV. And together with the front and rear tension panels, you can adjust them to create a customized fit. On top of that, the cover comes with 2 extra reinforced straps that you can use to get even better protection when there’s heavy wind.

Another advantage of this RV cover is the anti-mildew design. It features six air vents that get the air circulating under the cover. This ensures that there’s no moisture trapped under the cover, promoting its quick evaporation.

One more user friendly feature is the zippered access. It features zippers on the right side of the cover that allows easy access to the entrance door.


  • Fits motorhomes 30 to 43 feet.
  • Made of thick 5-ply fabric.
  • Breathable, waterproof material.
  • Tearproof.
  • Multiple convenient straps.
  • Adjustable front and rear panels.
  • 2 extra straps.
  • 6 air vents on the sides.
  • Zippered doors.
  • Includes 4 tire covers.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Some users complained about the fabric ripping in very high winds.

ADCO 34815 – Class C Motorhome Cover

durable class c motorhome coverThe last cover model we would like to mention for our top 10 list is the ADCO 34815. It’s also one of the best RV roof covers available on the market. It’s designed for motorhomes class C and it offers a few different sizes between 20’1″ to 32′. With all the options, you can choose the perfect fit for your motorhome.

This ADCO motorhome cover offers the highest quality of protection for the vehicle and it’s perfect for any type of climate. It features Tyvek material on the top, which is water and UV resistant. At the same time, it’s also breathable, ensuring that the RV under the cover stays dry and cool. As for the sides of the cover, they are made of polypropylene, which is also a durable material.

Instead of the elasticized hem corners, this cover features slip-seam straps on both top and bottom corners. By tightening them, you can get the cover to conform to the size of your RV. This would ensure a custom fit and prevent the damage of the cover in the wind.

On top of the slip seam straps, there are also undercarriage straps that you can use to further customize the fit. And so you don’t have to crawl under the coach, the straps include a weighted toss system.

What sets this RV cover apart from the rest of the covers we have mentioned is the provided travel tire guards. This provides all-around protection for your vehicle including both the body and tires.


  • For motorhomes 20’1″ to 32′.
  • Tyvek and propylene materials.
  • All climate protection.
  • Slip-seam straps.
  • Undercarriage straps.
  • Zippered doors.
  • Ladder cap.
  • 4 travel tire guards.
  • 3 year warranty.
  • Expensive.
  • Not waterproof. Only water resistant.

What Is an RV Cover?

An RV cover acts as a blanket for your recreational vehicle. By covering your RV, you add protection against outdoor elements. This helps to avoid premature physical damage to your vehicle.

Leaving your RV parked outside for extended periods of time during winter or rainy seasons exposes it to different outdoor elements. These elements can cause premature aging and damage to your RV. And an RV cover helps to avoid that by creating a barrier that blocks these potentially harmful elements.

For example, one of the biggest concerns is prolonged exposure to UV rays. It will not only make your RV’s paint fade, making it look dull and unattractive but will also lead to the paint cracking and peeling. This, in turn, will compromise the structure of the metal and plastic parts that the RV has under the layer of paint. And it’s not only the outer parts that will be exposed to the sun. The seats, dashboard, and other interiors will also become damaged.

RV covers also act as water, dust, and dirt repellants. All these elements can also damage the finish, paint, or the structure of your vehicle, incurring large costs for repairs.

Lastly, these covers also windproof your RV. The wind itself might not be damaging but the particles it carries are. It can bring debris and other objects that could scratch or otherwise damage your vehicle. And a camper cover shields against this debris.

What Are the Types of RV Covers?

There are different types of RV covers that are suitable for different types of recreational vehicles. So, make sure that you choose a cover that is designed for your type of vehicle.

The types of RV covers include covers for travel trailers, campers, motorhomes, 5th wheels, and toy haulers. A cover for a travel trailer is different from one designed for a 5th wheel. So take into account your RV type and look for a cover of the same type.

Pros and Cons of RV Covers

Benefits of RV Covers

If you plan on storing your RV in a climate controlled garage, an RV cover might not be necessary for you. However, if your RV will be parked outside for extensive winter, summer, or any other season storage, then an RV cover would definitely be beneficial. So, here are a few reasons why you need a camper cover.

1. Water Protection

One of the main reasons RV owners invest in an RV cover is protection against water damage, which is especially important during winter storage. Rainwater and snow can do a lot of damage. Snow, especially, can wreak extra havoc. In freezing temperatures, the water expands. So, when spring comes and the frozen layer of ice or snow on top of your RV starts to melt, it can create a big mess.

Moreover, excessive moisture can lead to the buildup of mold and mildew, which also results in RV’s deterioration. That’s why RV covers are made of breathable and quick drying materials that ensure that under the cover everything stays dry.

2. UV Protection

The sun’s harmful UV rays can also be damaging to your RV. First of all, it will make the paint look dull and start getting cracks. Secondly, it can also damage any caulking that is used on the roof for sealing antennas, skylights, air conditioners, or roof vents. On top of that, UV light can be damaging if you have a rubber roof.

An RV cover will help to avoid all these issues, protecting the paint and the caulking, as well as preserving the life of the rubber roof.

3. Protection Against Other Elements

Except for liquids and UV rays, there are other outdoor elements that can be damaging to your RV. It can also be leaves, bird droppings, dirt, or dust. When these elements hit the surface of your rig, they can damage the paint. And an RV cover makes sure that these elements don’t touch the surface of your vehicle.

4. Reduce Maintenance

Without an RV cover, you’d be spending a lot more time on maintenance. You’d have to frequently clean it if it gets bird droppings, dirt, or dust stuck onto it. If you’re parked under a tree, you’d have to constantly blow or sweep the dropped leaves off the vehicle. If you’re parked in the winter, you’d have to remove snow off the roof.

And the maintenance wouldn’t end there. You’d also have to repaint your RV more frequently since the paint would get more quickly damaged. You might also have to replace different other RV parts more frequently.

With an RV cover, all these maintenance requirements would be considerably reduced. So, you’ll be able to keep your RV in its best condition with a lot less effort.

5. Keep Your Camper Looking New

By keeping your RV well protected during storage seasons, you’ll also be able to keep your RV looking as good for a longer time. The paint and finish will maintain their color and structure. The surface will stay free of nicks and scratches. And as a result, the vehicle will maintain its high resale value.

6. Save Money

Protecting your RV with a cover extends the number of years it will be in service on the road. It also helps to keep the trailer in a good condition, which means less money spent on maintenance or costly repairs. RV camper covers are not cheap but they will save you money down the road.

RV Cover Disadvantages

As you can see, there are plenty of advantages to getting an RV cover. However, there are also a few disadvantages that you should consider.

  1. Moisture issues. Unless the RV cover comes with an air circulation system, it can actually do more damage than good. It can make it difficult to air out the rig, which can lead to mold growth. To avoid this, look for an RV cover that includes air vents and zippered doors, so you could get good airflow going.
  2. Adds to your stored RV equipment. RV covers are quite bulky, so they are not very convenient to store. Most covers come with a storage bag included but it’s not always possible to fit the cover back into it.
  3. Can easily tear. One of the most common issues users have with RV covers is it ripping during the installation process. Even the thickest covers seam to tear under high tension. The tearing is also often caused by gutter spouts and other protruding objects. To avoid the tearing issue, it’s better not to stretch the material too much and to use a pool noodle or some other protection for gutter spouts, ladders, etc.
  4. Don’t have a very long lifespan. Most RV covers last only about 2-3 years. That’s why most RV cover manufacturers offer only a 3 year warranty. So, if you see a product with a shorter warranty, it means that the manufacturer doesn’t have much confidence in it. However, they are also a few companies that offer lifetime warranties. Though this might not guarantee that the cover will not tear, it does give you peace of mind if you get a defective product.

How to Choose the Right RV Cover? – Buying Guide

There are a vast amount of RV cover options available on the market, which makes selecting the right one a bit overwhelming. RV covers also come with different specifications. They can be made of different materials, of different sizes, etc. So, in order to choose the best quality RV cover for the money, there are certain features that you should look out for. And below, we have gone into detail about all the main factors that you should take into consideration when buying a new RV cover.


Depending on the type of RV you have, you should look for a cover that is designed for this specific type. So, if you have a travel trailer, you’ll need a travel trailer cover. Or if you have a 5th wheel, look for a 5th wheel cover.

If you purchase the wrong type of cover, it will not fit your recreational vehicle. So it will basically be useless.


The size of the cover is another very important factor to consider. For proper protection, the cover should sit over your RV snug and fit. This means that you should look for a cover that would have a similar length, height, and width to that of your RV’s.

To ensure a proper fit, it’s advisable to measure your rig before buying a cover. The width and height for many RV covers are standard, so it’s more important to measure the length.

When deciding on the correct size, if your rig is slightly longer than a particular size, it’s better to choose one size up.

Most RV covers come in a variety of size options. So, if you like a certain model, it’s easy to find your size.


In order for the cover to last as long as possible and for it to provide a good level of protection, it should be made of high quality materials. The most popular material used is polypropylene. However, it’s not the only available option. Here are the most common materials used for making RV covers:

  1. Polypropylene. It’s a durable material that is resistant to acid damage and cracking. On top of that, it’s breathable, which prevents the buildup of moisture and growth of mold. And while it’s not waterproof, it is water resistant. However, many manufacturers use several layers of polypropylene in order to provide more protection against water. Overall, it’s a good cover material used in colder climates, as well as in warmer weather.
  2. Polyester. This is also a sturdy cover material, which is usually made of several layers of fibers. It’s ideal for protection against harmful UV rays, so it’s the perfect choice for those who store their RV’s in summer or hotter climates. However, it’s not very effective at repelling water. So, if you’ll be storing your RV in a wet climate, it might be better to choose a polypropylene cover instead.
  3. Tyvek. Tyvek is a material made from high density polyethylene fibers. The high density structure provides good resistance to tear and scratches. Since it’s non-porous, it also repels water, making it water resistant.

When choosing the material, consider the type of climate your RV will be stored in. For example, if it’ll be parked in a wet climate, you should consider buying a polypropylene cover. Even better, you could look for a waterproof RV cover or waterproof travel trailer cover. Keep in mind, however, that most RV covers are only water resistant, So, if you want complete protection against rain, make sure that it’s waterproof.


For an RV cover to provide proper protection, it should stay securely on the trailer. Otherwise, it will either tear or get blown away in the wind. To ensure that it stays secure, look for features that would help you to tie it down in order to get a custom fit for your camper.

Most covers come with elastic corner hems, which help to keep it secure on the corners. Moreover, good RV covers will also include adjustable straps that go under the trailer. One more feature is the front and rear panel system, which provides even more adjustability.

Air Circulation System

A good RV cover will also have some type of air circulation system. Otherwise, you might end up having to deal with mold and mildew. First of all, this system could be made of a breathable material that would prevent moisture from getting trapped under the cover. And secondly, it should include air vents, which would allow the airflow to pass under the cover, promoting fast evaporation of any moisture.

Except for mold prevention, air vents also help to reduce wind stress. This will help to prevent the fabric from wearing out faster.

Access Panels

Zippered access panels are another convenient feature to have on an RV cover. With the zippered doors, you’ll be able to unzip and roll up a part of the cover. It will make it a lot easier to access your RV, its storage compartments, or engine area. It will allow you to access those areas without having to remove the cover. And since these covers are usually quite cumbersome, you’d really want to avoid it if possible.


Installing an RV cover is not the easiest process. It usually requires two people, though it’s also possible to do it alone, and it requires getting on top of the roof of your vehicle. A simple to install RV cover would come packaged so that when you want to install it, you simply unroll it and then push the sides off the top of the RV. Then, you just use the adjustment system to ensure a snug fit.


When searching for the perfect recreational vehicle cover, you should also consider the price. Set a certain budget that you’re ready to spend on your new RV cover. This would allow you to eliminate products that don’t fit your budget, which would make shopping easier and faster.

However, don’t settle for just the cheapest RV cover. Look for the best value RV cover, so it would offer a balanced combination of quality and price. This will allow you to find a durable product within your budget.


Lastly, check the warranty that comes with the chosen RV cover. Anything below 3 years might be a sign of a poor quality product. And a lifetime warranty might be an indication that the manufacturer is confident in the quality of their RV cover.

RV Cover Tips

  1. Before slipping the cover, wash your RV. This will ensure that if there’s any dirt, it won’t damage the paint job. And it will also prevent the transferring from the RV’s surface to the cover’s.
  2. If you’ll be using the cover in an excessively sunny climate, consider getting a lighter colored one. Lighter colors are better at reflective UV rays, while dark ones can actually trap heat.
  3. If you’ll be using the cover frequently, consider getting one that is lightweight. It will make it less hassle getting it on and off.
  4. For indoor RV parking, you don’t need a heavy duty cover, which would usually cost extra. A light cover would be just fine, protecting your recreational vehicle against dust, dirt, and mold.

RV Covers Frequently Asked Questions

What are good RV cover brands?

The most popular RV cover brands include Classic Accessories, RVMasking, Leader Accessories, and ADCO. All these companies have decades of experience on the market, developing good quality products.

How to choose the right size?

To ensure that you get the right size for your particular RV, you should get an accurate measurement of the length of your vehicle. From there, you can look for covers that would accommodate this length.

How to cover your RV?

  1. Before you cover your RV, start by washing it.
  2. Then, make sure that it stands secure with a set of jack stands.
  3. Make sure to cover any protruding parts or sharp edges. Without completing this step, your RV cover will easily tear.
  4. For safety and convenience, installing an RV cover is a two-person job. One person gets on top of the vehicle and the other stays on the ground.
  5. The person on top of the roof should unfold the cover from the front end to the back end. On the cover, there’s usually a mark showing which is front and which is rear.
  6. The person on the ground should then pull the sides down.
  7. Secure the cover using the adjustments.

Will an RV cover scratch my vehicle’s paint job?

A good RV cover will not damage the vehicle’s paint job. They are usually made of soft lining, which prevents scratches.

However, in order to prevent scratches, it’s also important to take care during the installation process and to ensure that there’s no loose fabric flapping in the wind.

Are RV covers waterproof?

Many of the RV covers are waterproof. However, not all of them. Some are only water resistant. So, if you’re looking for a waterproof RV cover, always check the specifications.

How do I wash an RV cover?

To ensure that the cover is properly washed, it’s best to follow the instructions provided in the product’s manual. However, generally, you can wash it by laying it out on the ground and then rinsing it down with a hose. Most of the materials have an easy to clean surface, so just rinsing and gently scrubbing with a soft brush should do the work.

Do RV covers cause mold?

Some RV covers can cause mold, which kind of defeats using the cover in the first place. However, this usually happens because of a poor quality cover.

A good quality RV cover would have features that would allow good air flow under the cover. These features include a breathable material and air vents in the design. This would ensure that moisture doesn’t remain long and instead, it would quickly evaporate.

To make sure that no mold starts growing under the cover, you can also regularly open the zippered panels, which would let in more air.

When to cover your RV?

You should cover your RV whenever you’ll be leaving it parked for long periods of time. It’s especially important to cover your RV during winter and summer storage since the snow and the sun are the most damaging to your recreational vehicle.

Are RV covers good or bad?

As we’ve discussed in our RV covers pros and cons section, there are more reasons to buy the cover than not. It’s beneficial for providing all-season protection for your vehicle, ensuring that it stays in its top condition for longer.

How long do RV covers last?

It all depends on a few factors. First of all, it depends on the quality of the cover. If it’s made of cheap thin material, it will deteriorate faster. Secondly, it depends on the conditions you’ll be using it in. For example, if you’ll be using it in very windy conditions, it might tear faster.

Final Thoughts

By taking into account the factors we’ve mentioned in our buying guide, you’ll be able to choose the best RV covers. Start by deciding which features are the most important for your situation and then choose the right product by comparing the top products in these RV cover reviews. With that being said, in our opinion, the Classic Accessories travel trailer covers offer the best quality and the best protection for the vehicle.

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