10 Best RV Macerator Pumps (Reviews 2021)

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Not all parts of RV life are thrilling. In particular, the waste dumping part is definitely not the most exciting experience. However, fortunately, it doesn’t have to be as bad if you install an RV macerator pump. It will help you get the job done in the most odorless and efficient way. It will also help you dump the waste in those situations when you’re too far away from the sewer or when it’s higher than your holding tank outlets. That’s why it should be an essential addition to your RV gear. And if you need some ideas on the best RV macerator pumps in 2021, look into the top 10 products that we’ve picked and reviewed. Below the comparison table and reviews, we’ll also discuss what to look for when comparing different models.

Best RV Macerator Pumps in 2021

Image Product name Check price
good rv macerator pump Flojet 18555-000A
good rv waste pump Jabsco 18590
recommended rv macerator pump Amarine Made
12v rv macerator pump SewerFlo MP1-120-01
self priming rv sewer pump Flojet 18550000A
portable macerator pump Clean Dump CDTO
macerator pump Johnson Pumps 10-24453-01
macerator system USA Adventure Gear Progear 2000
macerator pump with quiet motor SeaLand T-Series
permanent macerator system for an rv Clean Dump CDPU

Top 10 RV Macerator Pumps Reviewed

Flojet 18555-000A

best rv macerator pumpOur top pick for the best waste pump in 2021 is the Flojet 18555-000A model. It’s the best selling pump this year and it’s the most popular choice for a number of reasons.

The first thing worth noting is that it’s a portable unit that requires no installation. This means that at any time you can quickly and easily connect it by attaching the battery clips. You can pump out the waste, shut it off, take it off, and put it away for storing until the next use. Alternatively, you can connect it permanently by using the power leads with a plug.

The pump requires 12V DC power to operate. It comes with 6 feet of wire, which for a lot of people might not be enough to reach the RV battery. If this is your case, you’ll need to add wiring.

This macerator pump also boasts great grinding ability. It features a stainless steel cutter that can reduce the size of the waste particles down to ⅛ inches. It efficiently grinds all of the solids and it makes it easy to push this created slurry into even a small-hole garden hose.

The unit also offers exceptional performance when draining your black water tank. It can drain a 30-gallon tank in just three minutes, which is an impressive speed and efficiency.

This pump also has the function of backflushing, so you can rinse the tank with fresh water, ensuring that no solid chunks of waste are left behind. This function simplifies the cleanup.

Another great feature of this RV macerator pump is the dry run protection. This valuable function ensures that the pump won’t get damaged. It will protect the pump for up to 30 seconds when it’s running dry. But it’s best not to let it run dry for long, which would prevent overheating and will ensure its longer lasting performance.

Moreover, the pump pushes the waste uphill. Though, it’s not recommended to pump it at a steep uphill. It works better at slight grades.

The pump also comes with a remote switch, so you can turn the pump on and off from a distance. This is a great feature to have since it will keep you at a safe distance from the foul-smelling wastes during the pump’s operation.


  • Portable.
  • Includes a plastic carrying case.
  • Weighs only 6 pounds.
  • Remote on/off switch.
  • Run dry protection for up to 30 seconds.
  • Self priming.
  • Reduces waste particles up to ⅛ inches.
  • Fresh water rinse capabilities.
  • Reasonable price.
  • You might need to add wiring to connect it to your RV’s battery.
  • No auto shutoff for dry running.

Jabsco 18590 Macerator Pump

best rv waste pumpThe Jabsco 18590 is also an effective waste management system. It’s a permanent RV macerator pump that will provide easy waste evacuation even if you’re far away from the sewer or dump station.

This is a 12 volt pump that uses a 20 amp fuse and draws about 16 amps. When you’ll be doing the wiring, be sure to use adequate size wiring in order to prevent overheating of the motor.

This macerator pump is an upgraded version of an old model. One of the things that are improved is the four blade design that helps you get the job done quickly and more effectively. The stainless steel cutter with the four blades grinds the waste into small particles that can be easily discharged through a garden hose.

This RV macerator pump is also easy to use. Just flip on the switch and it will empty the holding tanks through a 3/4 inch garden hose. And it will do it with an impressive speed. It can empty a 30 gallon tank in less than 3 minutes. After the pump has emptied the tanks, it’s advised to also flush them with water, which would prevent the buildup of sediment causing a potential blockage.

The pump also features a 15 minutes pumping duty cycle, so in one cycle you can empty a holding tank as big as 180 gallons. This simplifies the waste emptying process since you can get it all done in one single operation.

Moreover, this unit is designed with durability in mind. First of all, its magnet type motor is fully enclosed in a stainless steel shaft, ensuring that it doesn’t get damaged from external elements. And secondly, the pump comes with run dry protection. It prevents overheating and burning out of the motor if you accidentally leave the pump running dry.

The pump has four rubber mounts, which feature screw holes drilled into them. And depending on the installation surface, you’ll need to additionally purchase screws or bolts to mount the pump. Besides that, the pump arrives as a complete assembly ready for installation.


  • Permanent installation.
  • 4-blade design.
  • Grinds waste into small particles.
  • Can empty 30 gallons in 3 minutes.
  • 15-minute duty cycle.
  • Motor enclosed in a stainless steel shaft.
  • Run dry protection.
  • Self priming to 5 feet.
  • Some concerns with the interior bolts corroding too quickly.

Amarine Made RV Macerator Pump

top rated rv macerator pumpAnother great portable RV waste pump is this Amarine Made model. It’s also a macerator pump that is designed for RV use. It connects to a 12 volt power source and draws about 10 amps, so you could use a 20 amp fuse in order to prevent burning out of the motor.

The pump features a stainless steel cutter with a blade on each end. These two blades provide efficient grinding of the holding tank content, reducing solid and liquid waste into an easily disposable slurry.

It’s also a highly recommended RV waste pump due to its efficiency. It offers a 12 GPM waste removal flow rate. If you have a 30 gallons tank, you’ll be able to empty it in under 3 minutes.

This unit also provides a lot of pressure that pumps a very forceful stream. It can be beneficial for situations when you need to pump the waste at a mild uphill.

This macerator is also thermally protected, which means improved durability with longer lasting service life. It features a thermo limit, so if the motor gets too hot, it automatically shuts off. And when it cools down, it resumes the operation. This protects the pump from being overworked by blockages. Thanks to this, you won’t have to worry about the pump overheating and stopping working.

It’s a self priming pump, meaning that it uses gravity to prime. Moreover, it offers dry run protection, meaning that it can tolerate some dry pumping without damage. However, it’s still best not to let it dry run for long.

This RV waste pump is also a great choice due to its affordable price. It offers great value for the money since it efficiently performs all of its functions but it does so without breaking the bank.

Lastly, this is a portable macerator pump that you can easily attach to your 3 inches waste outlet whenever you need to. It’s also lightweight and compact, so you can easily carry it around.


  • 12 GPM flow rate.
  • Can pump uphill.
  • Thermal protection.
  • Dry run protection.
  • Self priming.
  • Portable.
  • Affordable.
  • Doesn’t include wiring and switch.
  • Fragile bayonet ears.

SewerFlo MP1-120-01 RV Macerator Pump

rv macerator pump reviewsThe SewerFlo is also an excellent RV macerator pump option. It offers all the essential features that you would expect in a good RV waste pump. Due to this, it will help you get the job of emptying your holding tanks done quickly and efficiently without much hassle.

This is a portable macerator pump that features a Quick-Connect RV fitting. This design allows it to attach and remove from a standard 3 inch RV waste outlet in just mere seconds. It makes it a lot more convenient to use.

Another advantage of this pump is the garden hose inlet that features a 1-inch hose barb. You’ll need to add an adapter from 1 inch to a garden hose and then you’ll be able to easily clean the pump. This makes the whole cleaning process a breeze by allowing you to quickly clean and remove any debris. It’s definitely a feature most would appreciate.

The pump can be used for emptying both black and grey water tanks. And it will remove the waste rather quickly thanks to its powerful performance. It offers a 12 GPM pump flow rate, so it moves a lot in a short period of time. This translates to emptying a 30 gallon tank in 3 minutes.

The powerful performance of this unit also allows it to dump the waste at a longer distance. You’ll have no problem pumping the waste at 100 feet, even if it’s at a slight vertical lift.

It’s also a self priming RV macerator pump and it comes with protection against dry running and overheating. It works with an intermittent duty cycle, so it will cycle on and off in order to ensure that the pump doesn’t overheat if it gets blocked.

This macerator pump comes with a 12 volt power adapter that you can plug into a power outlet, such as your vehicle’s cigarette lighter. Alternatively, you can run a pair of wires from your 12 volt RV battery. Moreover, the cord also has a rocker switch wired into it that you can use to turn the pump on and off.


  • Portable.
  • Quick-Connect system.
  • Garden hose inlet.
  • 12 GPM.
  • Can pump at longer distances.
  • Self priming.
  • Dry run protection.
  • Overheating protection.
  • Comes with a 12 volt power adapter.
  • Doesn’t come with the garden hose adapter for the output.

Flojet 18550000A

self priming rv macerator pumpFlojet made it to our list of the best RV macerator pumps with another product. This model offers some of the best quality and performance on the market. It provides an effective solution to emptying the waste tank without any hassle.

It grinds up the human waste and toilet paper with plenty of force and discharges it with high pressure, which makes it possible to pump out the waste at a distance and at an uphill. And it does the pumping much more effectively than the cheaper pumps. It macerates all the waste into small particles, which are then quickly discharged through a garden hose.

Due to its self priming design, the pump can be placed higher than the tank’s liquid level. However, it’s better to keep it not higher than four feet above that level.

This pump provides a flow of up to 13 gallons per minute. It means that if you have a 30 gallon tank, you can have it emptied in under 3 minutes. However, the time will increase if you’re pumping at a distance longer than 25 feet.

The waste pump is also very easy to mount. It features an intake port that accepts 3 inch ID slip-on hose and a discharge port for connecting a 1 inch hose. You can just use a 3 inch hose, slide it over the end of the pump and use a standard hose clamp to secure it.

There’s also protection against overheating. It features a 15 minutes duty cycle, which means that it will work hard for 15 minutes, but not longer. It automatically will cycle on and off if it starts overheating and when it cools down.


  • 13 GPM flow.
  • Can pump at a distance.
  • Can pump uphill and around corners.
  • Accepts a 3-inch slip-on inlet hose and 1-inch discharge hose.
  • Easy to mount.
  • Self priming.
  • Overheating protection.
  • Some of its plastic components are not as durable.

Clean Dump CDTO Portable Macerator Pump

portable macerator system for an rvIf you’re looking for a complete RV macerator pump kit, then consider this Clean Dump CDTO model. It’s a high quality pump that comes with everything that you’ll need for emptying your waste tank.

Except for the macerator pump itself, it also includes a 10 feet discharge hose, adapters, power cord, and battery clips. This means that it’s ready for use right out of the box. The only thing that you might consider adding is a clear elbow, so you can monitor the progress and see when the tank is empty.

The first striking thing about this pump is the simplicity of installation. It’s a quick and simple process that requires no extra tools for the setup. You’ll be set and ready to use the pump in minutes.

Another great thing about this RV macerator pump is its ability to pump at a distance. It can pump as far as 150 feet away, which is plenty enough for most situations. However, since the kit only includes a 10 feet discharge cord, if you’ll be dumping at a longer distance, you’ll need to add a longer hose.

The powerful motor of this pump also allows it to pump uphill. It doesn’t rely on gravity, so you don’t need to worry if the sewer is located at a higher level. This means you’ll encounter fewer issues when dumping your waste.

The pump also offers quick and efficient results. It grinds the solid waste and creates a slurry with small particles that can easily escape through the discharge hose.

Other features of this pump include a stainless steel shaft. It provides durability, protecting the motor and ensuring that the pump won’t get prematurely damaged.


  • Complete kit.
  • Can pump 150 feet away.
  • Pumps uphill.
  • Doesn’t rely on gravity.
  • Efficient operation.
  • Stainless steel shaft provides durability.
  • Easy to install.
  • Expensive.
  • Some might find the 10 feet discharge hose too short.

Johnson Pumps 10-24453-01

high quality macerator pumpOne good RV waste pump recommendation is this Johnson model. It also excels in performance and quality, handling waste removal with efficiency and speed.

First of all, it’s a durable macerator pump. It features a stainless steel shaft, which provides corrosion and chemical resistance. Additionally, the motor of the pump is ignition protected. All this increases the chances of the pump of having an extended lifespan.

This pump will also pump very far. It has a dry lift of approximately 12 inches. And if it’s a wet lift, it can pump up to 6 feet directly upward. This is convenient for situations when your sewer receiver can’t be placed lower.

Its pumping rate is similar to other waste pumps that we have reviewed above. You can expect a flow rate of about 12 GPM. This translates to about 3 minutes for emptying a 30 gallons tank.

For this pump’s operation, you’ll need a 12 volts power source. As for its current draw, it reaches a maximum of 15 amps and it will require a 20 amp fuse.

Unfortunately, there’s no information if this unit has dry run protection. However, you can usually tell when the tank is empty by listening to the pump. Its RPMs will go up, which will be a signal to turn the pump off. And it’s important that it doesn’t run dry as it will cause the impeller to burn up.


  • Can pump far.
  • Can pump up to 6 feet upward.
  • Durable construction.
  • Quick and efficient grinding.
  • Self priming.
  • Easy installation.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • Some durability concerns.

USA Adventure Gear Progear 2000

sewer waste macerator pumpOne more great option of a good RV waste pump comes from the USA Adventure Gear brand. It offers superb features and quality, providing the user with quick and easy waste emptying.

This waste pump is compact and lightweight, which makes it easily portable. Due to this, it’s perfect for use in RVs, motorhomes, and campers. It also features a quick release system, so connecting and disconnecting this pump from your RV’s waste tank outlet is a simple process.

For high performance, the pump features a four blade design. This ensures thorough grinding of the solid waste, creating a slurry with particles with a maximum size of up to ⅛ inches. As a result, the waste is easily discharged through a garden hose.

Due to this efficient grinding, the system pumps at a high rate. With a flow rate of up to 12 gallons per minute, you can expect to have your black and grey water tanks emptied in just minutes.

This is also a powerful macerator pump that can be used at up to 50 feet distance. This means that you won’t have to worry about dumping the waste if your rig is located too far from a sewer. And since it’s self priming, it can pump uphill. If the impeller is wet, it can pump five feet uphill. If it’s dry, four feet uphill.

The impeller is made of stainless steel, which provides thorough grinding and long lasting service life. And the manufacturer shows its confidence in the durability of this pump by providing a 4 years warranty.

Other features that are added for durability include intermittent dry running and protection against overheating. On top of that, the motor in this pump is brushless, so it should also last a long time.


  • Fits all black tank outlets.
  • Stainless steel impeller.
  • Four blade design.
  • Grinds waste down to ⅛ inch particles.
  • 12 GPM flow rate.
  • Intermittent dry running.
  • Protection against overheating.
  • Self priming, so can pump with lift.
  • Seamless shell motor design.
  • CE approved.
  • 4 years warranty.
  • Some durability issues.

SeaLand T-Series

quiet macerator pumpThe SeaLand T-Series is also one of the best RV waste pumps due to its unique design and high durability. It will provide you with dependable and effective performance, helping you to empty your waste tanks quickly and as easily as possible.

The first thing that stands out about this waste pump is that it features a bellows pump design. Unlike impeller macerator pumps, this one can run dry without any damage. Dry running is one of the top things that incur damage to a pump. That’s why having this protection against dry running will give you peace of mind since you’ll know that even if you forget to turn the pump off, it will not get damaged. This feature adds a lot to the durability of the unit.

This waste pump also offers efficient performance. It connects to 12 volt DC and draws only 6 amps. This means that you can empty your black and grey tanks without worrying that the pump will drain your RV’s battery.

Another advantage of this system is the quiet operation. It’s designed with features that help to reduce audible noise. As a result, it offers nearly silent operation.

It also operates without producing any odors from the pump, which is a big advantage since you don’t want any annoying smells in your recreational vehicle.

Moreover, this pump has a self priming ability, which means that it can pump uphill with a rise up to 10 feet. And lastly, the system can handle up to 4.5 gallons per minute. It’s a good rate but it is slower compared to the other waste pumps that we’ve reviewed above.


  • Can run dry.
  • Reduced operational noise.
  • Draws only 6 amps.
  • Protection against overheating.
  • Self priming.
  • Can pump up to 10 feet uphill.
  • Can handle up to 4.5 gallons per minute.
  • Expensive.
  • The pumping rate is lower compared to many other waste pump models.

Clean Dump CDPU Permanent Macerator System

permanently installed macerator system for an rvThe Clean Dump brand also offers a permanent solution. This macerator system is very similar to the one we’ve mentioned earlier but the difference is that this one installs permanently. So, keep in mind that while this pump is easy to install, it’s not that easy to attach it and remove it. It’s best left permanently installed.

This RV macerator pump also comes as a bundle that includes all the essential components that you’ll need for the waste dumping setup. It includes the pump, toggle switch, wiring, waste hose, and vinyl tubing. You get everything together in one box, which eliminates the hassle of trying to find the necessary parts in different stores. On top of that, you get everything ready for setup and use right out of the box.

The pump offers the fast operation, effectively grinding the waste. This ensures the quick discharge of the waste through the waste hose.

Moreover, this pump can pump across distances up to 150 feet. This is the longest distance that is possible with the most powerful waste pump. It offers you plenty of flexibility when dumping the RV waste.

This is also a self priming macerator pump. Due to this design, it doesn’t need gravity to pump and it can pump uphill. This also gives you more options of where to dump the waste.


  • Pumps at up 150 feet distance.
  • Can pump uphill.
  • Easy installation.
  • Includes everything for the setup.
  • Quick discharge rate.
  • Efficient grinding.
  • Expensive.
  • Not portable.

Things to Consider When Buying an RV Macerator Pump

All macerator pumps work in a similar way. However, they are still built with different designs and different levels of quality. That’s why when choosing the best RV macerator pump, you probably won’t settle just for the first one you’ll see. Instead, it’s better to analyze the workings and benefits of each system in order to choose one with the highest quality and one that will be the right one for your needs. For this reason, we’ve created this RV macerator pump buying guide. Here, we’ll discuss the most important things to consider in order to make the right buying choice.


When choosing an RV macerator pump, you’ll have three type options. Each comes with features that set it apart from the other two kinds. Due to this, one type might be more appealing to an RV owner than the other types. So, consider the different functions and advantages of each of these macerator pumps in order to choose one that would work best in your situation.

1. Portable

A portable RV pump is a perfect choice for those that have an RV that didn’t come with a built-in macerator. This usually means that there’s no designated area for the pump’s installation.

This type of pump is easy to carry around and it’s to attach and remove. It also eliminates any installation hassle. Due to all this, it’s the most convenient option since it’s the least stressful or frustrating system.

Since portable RV waste pumps also tend to be compact, it makes it easy to store them. Even the most limited RV storage space would be able to accommodate the small pump unit.

2. Permanent

A permanent RV macerator pump is more suitable for situations when there’s a designed space available for it. This is often the case when your RV came with the pump built-into the system.

If you have available space where you can set up the pump, you might also prefer this option since it will only require one-time installation. You won’t have to attach and remove it every time you empty the tanks, which will make the process more hassle-free.

The downsides to permanent waste pumps are that they are usually more expensive and they tend to be heavier. On top of that, the installation process requires a bit of effort.

3. 110 Volt

The third type is a 110 volt macerator pump. This type provides more power, allowing you to get the job done much quicker. And this is the main advantage of this system. So, this option is for you if you want to be able to empty your black water tank as fast as possible.

However, these pumps require AC power and 110 volts, which are not usually available on a recreational vehicle. On top of that, these pumps are more expensive compared to the other two types. That’s why it’s not a popular choice among RV owners.

Impeller Design

A macerator pump’s performance is largely dependent on the impeller design. This is the rotating component that grinds the solid waste from your black water tank.

This impeller should be made of stainless steel, which would ensure that it will last longer and which ensure effective grinding performance.

The impeller can also have either two or four blades. Four blades will provides more thorough grinding, making an easier to discharge slurry.

Uphill Pumping

If you want maximum flexibility with choosing a location for waste dumping, choose a macerator pump that can also pump uphill. These are self priming pumps that don’t rely on gravity for operation. Due to this design feature, these pumps can pump out the waste at 6 feet or even 8 feet lift.

Maximum Distance for Pumping

Another feature that will add to the flexibility of use is the ability to pump at a long distance. Some pumps can pump as far as 150 feet, while others only at 50 feet. This makes a difference if the sewer is far away from your rig.

Dry Run Protection

Dry running your macerator pump is something you want to avoid at all costs. If you leave it dry running for too long, it will burn out the motor and it will burn out the money you spent on the pump. That’s why it’s essential that the pump offers protection for dry running.

However, pumps can offer different dry run protection. The best option, of course, is when the system can automatically shut off once it starts dry running. The other option is when the pump can safely operate for 30 or so seconds while dry running. This gives you some time to notice it and manually shut off the pump. But even with this option, it’s better to shut off the pump as soon as possible.

Protection Against Overheating

Another feature that can prolong the life of your new RV macerator pump is protected against overheating. This feature would ensure that the unit will stop operation if it starts overheating. And when it cools down, it automatically restarts the operation. The pump can cycle on and off providing fast waste removal but at the same, preventing the pump from overheating.


As with any other product, it’s a big advantage if the system can be installed in a few easy steps. Otherwise, if the installation is so complicated that you can’t figure out how to make it work, your macerator pump purchase becomes completely useless.

One thing that can simplify the installation process is if the pump comes with all the necessary equipment. This would make it possible to get it working right after it’s unpacked. If there are parts missing, you’d have to visit different other stores in order to find the wires, fuses, alligator switches, and whatever else is missing.

Secondly, the installation process should be user-friendly and the manufacturer should supply a manual with the instructions. One way to find out how easy or difficult will be the installation of the waste pump is by checking out user reviews. This would help you understand if other customers had any issues with the process.


For a complete RV macerator pump setup, you’ll also need a few extra accessories. In particular, you’ll need a discharge hose and preferably a clear elbow.

For discharging the waste, you’ll need a hose of the same size as your garden hose. Though make sure that you don’t use your regular garden hose. You need a hose that will only be used for this waste discharging purpose. The process will leave waste residue in the hose, so you don’t want it to end up in your garden or somewhere else.

We would also recommend getting a clear elbow. It will allow you to see all the solid and liquid waste that is passing through as you empty your black and grey water tanks. It may be gross but it can be helpful since it will let you see that the flow of waste stops.

Once you see the flow of waste stop, you can immediately turn off the pump in order to prevent it from running dry. This would also prevent burn out and damage.

If you’re not buying a complete kit but only the pump itself, you might also need to buy fuses, switches, alligator clips, and adapters. Check the specifications of any macerator pump that you’re thinking of buying to understand what comes included in the package and what you need to buy separately.


Similar to when shopping for any other RV equipment, it’s also important to consider the cost. And unfortunately, RV waste pumps don’t come cheap. So be prepared to spend a bit of money. However, there’s still a range of prices available, so you can find one that would fit your budget. And by setting a certain budget for your new RV macerator pump, you’ll be able to narrow down the option and save time.

When considering the price, keep in mind that cheaper RV macerator pumps will also usually be less durable. If you don’t plan on using the pump that often, you might find a cheaper version performing well enough since it won’t be taking so much strain.

On the other hand, if you’ll be using the pump all the time and if you’d prefer to have a waste pump that would last longer, then we recommend investing a bit more and buying one that is at least in the 100-200 dollars range.

RV Macerator Pump Frequently Asked Questions

What is an RV macerator pump?

A macerator pump works similarly to a kitchen garbage disposal unit. Basically, it’s a motorized grinder that turns the solid contents of your black water tank into a slurry. As a result, the large particles are considerably reduced. This makes it possible to drain the waste through a much smaller hose. You can even use a 1-inch garden hose. And not only can it drain through a smaller hose, but can also do it at a longer distance.

How does a macerator pump work?

A macerator pump works by grinding your waste into small particles. The impeller in the pump features rotating blades that soften and break down the waste. As a result, all that goes into your black water tank is turned into a slurry. This slurry is easy to get rid of and it is then pumped under pressure in order to discharge it through a garden hose into a sewer drain.

Since it uses pressure to pump it, it requires no gravity, which means that the waste can even be moved uphill. It also means that the waste can be pumped longer distances. Moreover, the mechanism allows pumping through a smaller sewer hose. Even the common 1 inch garden hose works well.

Some macerating pumps can operate at speeds up to 3,600 RPM, which allows them to drain the black and grey water tanks at high speeds.

How to install a macerator pump?

The installation process for an RV macerator pump can differ depending on the model you buy. Consult the manual to find the proper instructions for your specific pump. However, this step-by-step process works for most pumps.

  1. Start by fitting the parts of the RV pump together. As each RV macerator pump can be designed differently, follow the instructions that came with your particular device.
  2. Place the pump between the black water tank outlet and its shut-off valve. Fit the tube into the waste tank’s outlet, making sure that it’s tightly connected in order to prevent leaks.
  3. Connect the wiring to your RV’s power supply. Pumps come with wires in two colors. Connect the red one to a 12 volt fuse and the yellow one to the ground.
  4. Attach the hose and get ready for the first run.

How to use an RV macerator pump?

To make sure that you’re properly using the pump that you bought, we recommend starting by checking the instruction manual that came with it. Sometimes not following the provided instructions can void the warranty. That’s why it’s important to follow them. However, most of these pumps work in a similar way, so here are some general guidelines.

  1. Connect the pump to the RV’s waste outlet.
  2. Attach a discharge hose to the pump.
  3. Run the discharge hose to an open sewer, into a toilet, or any other location that you can drain waste into.
  4. Connect the pump to your RV’s 12 volt battery.
  5. Open the tank’s drain valve.
  6. Turn on the macerator pump.
  7. Keep it pumping until the flow stops.
  8. Once the tank is empty, turn the pump off. Make sure that you don’t leave the pump running dry.

We recommend additionally investing in a clear elbow, which would help you monitor the waste flow. As we’ve mentioned, it’s important not to let the pump run dry as it can damage it. A clear elbow is a great precaution since they let you see when the flow stops moving.

If you’d rather skip the clear elbow, at least stay within earshot of your macerator pump. It will allow you to monitor the noise that it produces. If you hear a high pitched whine, it’s a sign that the pump is running dry.

Most pumps also come with a second water fitting, which is designed for backflushing the tanks. And we highly recommend backflushing after each time you drain the waste. It will help to ensure that no solids are left remaining in the tanks.

To backflush, add another hose to the second fitting and with the black tank’s valve remaining open, backflush for 30 to 34 seconds. After this, turn the pump back on to let the waste drain again. Continue this process a few times until you see through the clear elbow that the water coming out is clean and that it doesn’t contain any more solids.

Why do you need an RV macerator pump?

Many RV owners just use a 3-inch sewer hose to drain the waste into a dump station. And in most situations, this setup might be enough. However, there are also plenty of situations when a macerator pump would be more advantageous.

Macerator pumps are often used as an alternative waste remover in situations when the black and grey water tank outlets don’t line up with a dump station. For example, you could be parked too far away from the sewer spot or if it’s higher than your black and grey tank outlets. In these situations, a 3-inch hose would not provide an effective way of dumping the waste. A macerator pump, on the other hand, would be the perfect solution.

On top of that, a dump station might not always be available when you need to drain the waste. For example, if your RV is usually parked in your driveway or if you camp in areas with no convenient place to stop and empty the tank. In these situations, you could dump the waste into your residential sewer (though check with your municipality as some don’t allow it) or city sewage lines.

Moreover, removing waste with a 3-inch sewer hose can be a very stinky ordeal. A macerator pump somewhat alleviates this concern. Since it pumps the waste through a hose with a smaller diameter, it permeates fewer odors into the air.

On the other hand, if you always stay at a campground, a macerator pump might not be a necessity for your RV. But it might still be a good idea to have one as a backup option for situations when you don’t have a dump station nearby.

What are the pros and cons of macerator pumps?

The pros of macerator pumps are:

  1. Can pump waste at an uphill.
  2. Can pump waste over a long distance, making it less of an issue if you’re parked too far from a sewer station.
  3. Allows draining your waste tank if there’s no dump station available.

The cons are:

  1. Due to draining the waste through a smaller hose, the process usually takes longer than when draining with a 3-inch sewer hose.
  2. The pump requires regular maintenance since blockages can cause damage to the impeller, causing the pump to work slower.
  3. When using a macerator pump, you have to always monitor it. If you let it run dry once the waste has been drained, it can burn out the motor.
  4. It can cause fuses to blow.
  5. They are expensive.

How to clean an RV macerator pump?

Regular cleaning of your macerator pump is essential to maintain it in its top condition, which would help to keep it operational for more years.

The process might seem daunting but fortunately, you don’t have to do it more than once a year. Or you might have to clean it out more often if any blockages occur. With a bit of upkeep, your pump will continue working and it will stay in pristine condition.

  1. The first thing to do is to remove the macerator pump. Before doing this, make sure that your black water tank is empty with all the waste already drained. Also, disconnect the electricity supply and turn off the water. To remove the pump, unscrew it from its holding flange.
  2. Once you have the pump properly disconnected, you can start the cleaning process. And start by cleaning the pump’s tube. To clean it, place it into a bucket of soapy water. Leave it for a few hours and then pump clean water through it in order to thoroughly clean it.
  3. The next step is cleaning the blades, which is essential for the proper operation of the impeller. For cleaning, remove them and use a damp towel to remove any residue.
  4. Once all the residue or debris has been wiped away, you can return the pump to its mounting location.

What are good RV macerator pump brands?

The most popular RV macerator pump brands include Flojet, Jabsco, SeaFlo, and Amarine Made. They offer a number of pumps and kits. And they have a few well-reviewed macerating systems.

Each of these brands offers well-built RV macerator pumps that keep the users happy. Their products continuously deliver reliable results and that’s why their pumps are usually the best sellers on the market.

Moreover, when buying a macerator pump from one of these brands, you can also expect excellent customer service as they are always striving to help their customers.

How far can a macerator pump?

The maximum distance that these units can pump will vary from model to model. Some can pump only 50 feet and others can pump as far as 150 feet. The second option will definitely give you more flexibility and will eliminate any worry of not being able to reach the sewer when your rig is parked far away.

Do macerator pumps come with a hose?

Most macerator pumps don’t include a hose. Though, we do think that it would have been better if more manufacturers did include it in a kit. It would make the user’s life a lot easier since they wouldn’t have to separately shop around for this part. And this part is vital to the black water tank’s waste removal, so you will definitely need it.

However, perhaps manufacturers don’t include it since these pumps usually just need a standard garden hose. Many people probably have it lying around their homes and RVs. But remember that if you do use your regular garden hose for the waste removal, don’t use it after for any other purpose.

If you’re looking for a macerator pump with a hose, check the specifications before buying since the included accessories will vary from model to model.

Final Thoughts

We hope that our RV macerator pump reviews have helped you find the perfect product for your rig. All the pumps that we’ve included in our list were picked based on their quality, performance, and overall value that they offer for the money. Again, consider the factors that we’ve mentioned in our buying guide when comparing the top available options and it will help to ensure that you choose the best RV macerator pump.

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